Show House at Danga Sutera


Show House at Danga Sutera

Based on the living area design, emerald green wallpaper and goldish architrave profile share the walls in a balanced fashion. Tied together with the industrial armchair style match with English 3 seater sofa and sleek accessories in a goldish drum accent table that stands to both sides of the sectional sofa. A jewel tone that defines the whole space.

Design for the dining and dry kitchen elevated with concrete industrial effect and ceiling mounted metal strip above. Leather dining with metal finish chairs combined with a marble table top. Lightweight hanging shelving with plants that lend an aura instilling a sense of quality in the atmosphere is the feature wall. These mixing is something that makes it extraordinary.  

Same goes to those materials and style applied to all bedrooms. The concept for Iskandar Waterfront show unit was designed to being daring, willing to bend the rules, and break traditions.

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